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Day Habilitation Program

Day Habilitation often referred to as Day Program is a location DH services focuses on skill  acquisition/development, retention/maintenance to assist the individual in achieving maximum self-sufficiency. DH services assists the individual to acquire, improve and retain the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the community. Fundamental skills are a foundation for further learning, such as etiquette in a public setting, recognition of money, proper clothing attire for the time and setting, answering phone, etc. Examples of DH services include, but are not limited to, utilizing etiquette skills at a restaurant, checking out a book at a library, mailing a letter, exchanging money for purchases, etc. This should not only occur in the facility, but on a regular basis in the community to use in a real life situations. Bethel began its Day Habilitation Center in 2020 in order to provide individuals with the opportunity to interact with others while learning meaningful skills. Day Habilitation is a Medicaid Waiver service that offers supported individuals with an important opportunity to participate in the community and to learn how to achieve their goals as identified in their Individualized Service and Day Habilitation plans. Activities are developed and taught by our dedicated staff. Day habilitation Center is located at 1040 SW Luttrell Blue Springs, Missouri and open to all individuals, even if they do not receive support from Bethel Home Healthcare. Day Habilitation operates 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Individualized Supported Living

ISL is characterized by creativity, flexibility, responsiveness and diversity. ISL enables people with disabilities to be fully integrated in communities. ISL services provide individualized supports, delivered in a personalized manner, to individuals who live in homes of their choice. Individuals receiving ISL supports may choose with whom and where they live, and the type of community activities in which they wish to be involved.

This service provides assistance and necessary support to achieve personal outcomes that enhance an individual’s ability to live in and participate in their community. ISL services and supports are individually planned and budgeted for each person served. Services are designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community- based settings. ISL services may also include assistance with ADL’s and assistance with IADL’s, depending upon the needs of the individual. Bethel works with each unique individual and the planning to determine their capabilities and creates a plan to build on or improve them. Each individual or individuals advocate is educated and aware of their rights. Bethel strives to maintain a natural environment so that each individual learns the skills needed for independence. The residence (house or apartment) is a private dwelling, not a licensed facility and must be owned or leased by at least one of the individuals residing in the home and/or by someone designated by one of those individuals such as a family member or legal guardian.

Community Integration

CI assists and/or teaches participation in community activities. These activities and/or skills are needed to be a participating member of a community, which may include, but not limited to, becoming a member of social events/clubs, recreational activities, volunteering, participating in organized worship or spiritual activities. In addition, community activities should be organized for the benefit of the individuals to foster relationships with the broader community. Bethel Home healthcare LLC understands that each individual is unique, hence a tailored approach to community integration is applied to each supported individual at our agency. We start by identifying the barriers to community integration being faced, then we target obstacles that prevent supported individuals from being full members of their communities.

Individual Skill Development

ISD focuses on complex skill acquisition/development, to assist the individual in achieving maximum independence in home and community-based settings. This includes but is not limited to cooking, laundry, shopping, budgeting, paying bills, and accessing public transportation. The service assists the participant to acquire life skills necessary for independent living. When applicable, this will be completed in the community. This service is an outcome based service. The outcome will be clearly identified in the ISP and progress will be updated at each plan meeting and/or revision. The service is utilized for the development of a clearly identified skill or skill set.


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