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The Mentor Series

By: Ugo Stephen 

The word mentor means a trusted counselor or guide, it can also mean tutor or coach. Coaching in sports for example is a relationship of finite duration where the focus is on strengthening or eliminating specific behaviors. Mentoring and coaching are incredibly beneficial in providing developmental support. What we do at Bethel Home Healthcare gives us a unique opportunity, not only to care for people with cognitive disabilities, but also to successfully influence their development.

You may be asking yourself, what does being a care giver or a case worker have to do with mentoring? Let us journey into your typical week as a healthcare professional. You head to your client’s house everyday with the task of; administering medication, transporting clients to their doctor’s appointment, and so on. You inadvertently spend significant hours of your day with them. Enough time to not only become their friends, but to also become their coach. From dressing appropriately to how they speak to others, they can become a reflection of you; positive or negative. However, if you recognize opportunities for a teachable moments you stand a chance to make a big difference in the development an impressionable mind. Let’s face it, most of our clients are impressionable.

What were the main attributes of your mentor, here are some common characteristics of mentors:

A mentor is patient.

A mentor can take a long view of a mentee’s development and guide them through the right path.

A mentor is a positive role model.

Did you have a mentor? Which of your mentors’ attributes influenced you the most?

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